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,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England



Latitude: 50.76667, Longitude: -2.4


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allner Elizabeth Pope  Bef 8 Jul 1788,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1732
2 Allner Lydia  Bef 23 Apr 1772,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2156
3 Allner Robert  Bef 8 Sep 1791,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2454
4 Hardy Ada E  Abt 1888,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5792
5 Hardy Gathorne Richard John Claud  1881,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5791
6 Hardy Henrietta Thirza Louisa Jane  Abt 1879,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5790
7 Hardy Tom A  Abt 1890,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5793
8 Knight Caroline Eugenie Alice  Bef 15 Sep 1865,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I6978
9 Knight Victoria Emma  1857,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5163
10 Lockett Thomas Squires  Bef 14 May 1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5385
11 Nelson Caroline Amelia  Abt 1826,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2177
12 Nelson Immanuel James  Bef 24 Jul 1813,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2179
13 Nelson James Alfred  Abt 1824,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2180
14 Nelson Joseph Mintern  14 Aug 1796,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4266
15 Nelson Thomas  Bef 3 Feb 1751,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2219
16 Nelson Timothy  Bef 18 May 1788,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
17 Nelson William Allner  Bef 5 Jun 1820,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1106
18 Pope Mary  14 Jun 1798,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4267
19 Pope Robert  Abt 1769,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4457
20 Rogers Jenny  3 Oct 1758,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2220
21 Squires Louisa  Abt 1814,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allner Sarah  1 Nov 1843,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2452
2 Allner William  18 Mar 1841,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2152
3 Knight Henry  17 Sep 1863,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2178
4 Mintern Esther  20 Sep 1792,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2222
5 Nelson Timothy  22 Jul 1858,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
6 Rogers Jenny  Bef 15 Jun 1827,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2220


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allner Sarah  27 Mar 1767,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4466
2 Allner Sarah  5 Nov 1843,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2452
3 Knight Emma Victoria  12 Feb 1856,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I6979
4 Mitchell Anne  1809,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2218
5 Mitchell Henry  20 Jan 1735,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4473
6 Mitchell John  30 Dec 1734,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4472
7 Mitchell John  16 Oct 1765,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I3401
8 Nelson John  26 Jun 1829,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5778
9 Nelson Timothy  5 Oct 1828,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2459
10 Rogers William  22 Mar 1801,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I3399


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Allner Elizabeth Pope  8 Jul 1788,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1732
2 Allner Martha  17 Jan 1802,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4269
3 Biles Ann  24 Nov 1805,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4470
4 Biles Lucy  19 Oct 1810,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4469
5 Hardy Gathorne Richard John Claud  14 Jan 1882,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5791
6 Hardy Henrietta Thirza Louisa Jane  7 Mar 1879,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5790
7 Knight Caroline Eugenie Alice  15 Sep 1865,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I6978
8 Knight Emma Victoria  24 Jul 1854,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I6979
9 Knight Victoria Emma  6 Mar 1857,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5163
10 Lockett Thirza Elizabeth Squires  27 Oct 1852,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5386
11 Lockett Thomas Squires  14 May 1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5385
12 Nelson Caroline Amelia  10 Jul 1826,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2177
13 Nelson Eliza  10 Sep 1811,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I3382
14 Nelson Frederick William  31 Jan 1818,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I495
15 Nelson James Alfred  15 May 1824,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2180
16 Nelson John  2 Mar 1740,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2457
17 Nelson John  31 Jul 1748,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5778
18 Nelson Martha  3 Jun 1742,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2458
19 Nelson Mary  13 Jan 1753,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2460
20 Nelson Sarah  4 Jun 1738,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2456
21 Nelson Sarah  9 Jul 1758,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2461
22 Nelson Timothy  18 May 1788,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
23 Nelson William Allner  5 Jun 1820,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1106
24 Pope Elizabeth  16 Feb 1796,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4264
25 Pope James  Abt 1789,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4263
26 Pope Robert  13 Nov 1769,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4463
27 Pope Robert  13 Nov 1769,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4457
28 Rogers Sarah  28 Dec 1760,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I4471
29 Squires Louisa  24 Jan 1814,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Allner Elizabeth Pope  6 Jun 1841,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1732
2 Allner Elizabeth Pope  1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1732
3 Allner Elizabeth Pope  1861,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1732
4 Biles James  1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2157
5 Knight Henry  1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2178
6 Knight Henry  1861,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2178
7 Knight Victoria Emma  1861,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5163
8 Lockett Richard  1871,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5377
9 Lockett Thirza Elizabeth Squires  1871,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5386
10 Nelson Caroline Amelia  6 Jun 1841,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2177
11 Nelson Caroline Amelia  1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2177
12 Nelson Caroline Amelia  1861,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2177
13 Nelson Emma  6 Jun 1841,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5376
14 Nelson Timothy  6 Jun 1841,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
15 Nelson Timothy  1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
16 Squires Louisa  1871,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Allner Elizabeth Pope  1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1732
2 Hardy Tom  14 Jan 1882,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5789
3 Knight Henry  6 Mar 1857,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I2178
4 Lockett Richard  14 May 1851,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5377
5 Lockett Richard  1875,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I5377
6 Nelson Timothy  24 Jul 1813,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
7 Nelson Timothy  31 Jan 1818,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
8 Nelson Timothy  31 Jan 1818,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
9 Nelson Timothy  15 May 1824,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730
10 Nelson Timothy  10 Jul 1826,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England I1730


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Biles / Allner  23 Oct 1796,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England F1072
2 Nelson / Allner  29 Oct 1810,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England F389
3 Nelson / Rogers  30 Oct 1777,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England F922
4 Rogers / Coats  5 Jan 1757,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England F1096


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   Family    Census    Family ID 
1 Allner / Pope  1841,Piddlehinton, Dorsetshire, England F923