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,Rochdale, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.6177045, Longitude: -2.1587488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball Alice Ann  25 Jan 1865,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2195
2 Ball Ann  10 Jun 1834,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5285
3 Ball Charles  1 Dec 1839,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5286
4 Ball Emily Zara  12 Dec 1899,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I286
5 Ball Hannah Kathleen  13 Feb 1887,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I273
6 Ball James  12 Nov 1837,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I463
7 Ball Jane Hannah  1867,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2196
8 Ball John  12 Jan 1841,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5287
9 Ball Mary  Abt 1830,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5283
10 Ball William  Abt 1832,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5284
11 Ball Zacariah  Abt 1811,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5759
12 Brierley Benjamin  1773,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7786
13 Brierley Joseph  1817,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7737
14 Brierley Phillip Henry  1846,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5322
15 Butterworth David  Abt 1948,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5665
16 Charles Thomas  Abt 1897,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5178
17 Clegg Alice  1850,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5633
18 Clegg Ann  14 Aug 1836,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5634
19 Clegg Betty  Abt 1835,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I464
20 Clegg Robert  Abt 1736,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5761
21 Clough Betty  Abt 1772,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5752
22 Crabtree Alice  Abt 1833,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5638
23 Crabtree Mary Ann  Abt 1832,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5637
24 Crabtree William  Abt 1824,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5636
25 Fielding Annie  1886,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I8831
26 Fielding Henry  Abt 1857,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I1869
27 Fielding James Edward  1881,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5021
28 Fielding Thomas  1881,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I1872
29 Fielding William  1879,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5020
30 Greenwood Willie  3 Feb 1898,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5661
31 Hall James E  Abt 1872,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I3939
32 Hartley Betty  Abt 1828,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5172
33 Healey Emma  1821,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7738
34 Keane Fred  9 Sep 1914,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5509
35 Marsden Wilfred  1910,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5663
36 Rothwell Benjamin M  1891,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5658
37 Rothwell Marjorie Joyce  16 Aug 1923,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5659
38 Royds Florence  Abt 1898,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I3946
39 Royds George Thomas Hindson  1863,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I296
40 Royds Leonard  Abt 1892,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I297
41 Royds Mary  Abt 1851,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7842
42 Royds Mary Ann  Abt 1887,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I3945
43 Royds Mary Ann Alice  Bef 25 Dec 1856,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I603
44 Schofield Adam  Abt 1813,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7837
45 Schofield Adam  Abt 1843,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7841
46 Schofield Alice Ann  Abt 1840,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7840
47 Schofield Edmund  Abt 1835,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7839
48 Schofield Fanny  Abt 1844,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2165
49 Sharrocks Elizabeth  1836,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2135
50 Whittaker George  Abt 1880,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I8291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball Jane Hannah  24 Jan 1933,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2196
2 Brierley Joseph  22 Feb 1896,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7737
3 Clegg Alice  11 Feb 1864,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5633
4 Marsden Wilfred  Abt 1973,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5663
5 Rigg Annie  1983,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5508
6 Rigg Mary Grace  2003,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5510
7 Royds George Thomas Hindson  28 Dec 1922,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I296
8 Schofield Alice Ann  20 Mar 1920,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7840


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (Schofield) Betty  1861,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7838
2 (Schofield) Betty  1871,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7838
3 Ball Charles  1871,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5286
4 Butterworth Alice  1871,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5288
5 Schofield Adam  1861,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7841
6 Schofield Adam  1861,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7837
7 Schofield Adam  1871,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7837
8 Schofield Alice Ann  1861,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7840
9 Schofield Edmund  1861,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7839
10 Schofield Edmund  1871,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I7839
11 Schofield Fanny  1851,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2165
12 Schofield Fanny  1861,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Ball Charles  11 Mar 1860,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5286
2 Ball James  23 Jun 1829,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I4478
3 Ball James  28 May 1855,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I4478
4 Ball James  21 Nov 1858,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I4478
5 Ball James  11 Mar 1860,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I4478
6 Ball James  2 Jan 1866,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I463
7 Ball James  18 Jan 1878,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I463
8 Ball James  1891,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I463
9 Ball James  1901,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I463
10 Ball James  1911,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I463
11 Ball James  1 May 1911,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I463
12 Ball John James  1881,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I18
13 Ball John James  16 May 1887,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I18
14 Ball John James  17 Sep 1890,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I18
15 Ball John James  1 May 1897,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I18
16 Ball John James  1901,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I18
17 Butterworth Alice  11 Mar 1860,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I5288
18 Clegg Betty  21 Nov 1858,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I464
19 Clegg Francis  14 Oct 1887,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I4477
20 Rigg George  11 Apr 1853,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I4458
21 Rigg Jesse  2 Nov 1921,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2197
22 Royds Joseph  27 Apr 1856,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I295
23 Royds Joseph  25 Dec 1856,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I295
24 Royds Joseph  16 May 1887,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I295
25 Whittaker George  1911,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I8291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Ball James  4 Aug 1910,Rochdale, Lancashire, England I463


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Marsden / Rigg  1939,Rochdale, Lancashire, England F2021
2 Royds / Dear  1883,Rochdale, Lancashire, England F254
3 Whittaker / Kay  1905,Rochdale, Lancashire, England F1573