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Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland



Latitude: 56.1, Longitude: -3.93333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gowans James  20 Mar 1886Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I590


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cherry Ellen  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4892
2 Gowans James  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I590
3 Gowans Mary Sibbald  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4623
4 Smith Cathrine B  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4890
5 Smith George Ernest  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4887
6 Smith George Ernest  1891Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4887
7 Smith James Gowans  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4888
8 Smith Joanna Nelson  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4884
9 Smith John Henderson  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4891
10 Smith John Henderson  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4883
11 Smith Madge Henderson  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4885
12 Smith Mary Gowans  1881Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4886
13 Smith Mary Gowans  1891Hayford Villa,St Ninians,Stirling,Stirlingshire,Scotland I4886